Our team

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Tim Kham
«A-Platform» project leader, engineer & entrepreneur in HPC industry, computer modelling sphere and VR technology. Tim has professional interests in ontology and cognitive sciences
Serge Nesterovich
Executive Director
Elaborates technical company’s policy. Serge is in charge of day to day management and services operations


Nikita Tsukanov
Technical strategy for the company, maximizing the efficiency of production efforts by coordinating the various teams and operations involved in the process and ensuring there is no overlap
Kirill Rappa
Operation Leader
Kirill manages the development team; is responsible for project team, project management and networking
Sonya Evtyushina
Business Development Manager
Master of Economics. Worked as mediabuyer in Mail.Ru group, took part as a community manager and marketing manager in a number of digital projects

Technical Department

Dmitry Pekarovsky
Backend developer
Stepan Karandin
Customer support, application support, infrastructure support and capacity management
Vladimir Simakin
IT Systems Architect
Max Khan
Data Scientist professional with solid math background based on Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Master of Science in Economics & Enterprise Management in Engineering.
Programming languages: R, SQL, Python (Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn Scikit-learn).
Frameworks: Jupyter Notebooks, RStudio, Apache Zeppelin, PostgreSQL.
Areas of knowledge: statistics, experimental design, data analysis, data visualization, supervised/unsupervised machine learning.
Techniques: linear regression, logistic regression, classification trees, k-means clustering, hierarchical clustering, natural language processing and text mining.

Regional representative offices

Mike Alekseev

Chief representative in Canada
Commerce and business representative in Canada. Experience: Co-Founder Miart Group, Co-Founder & COO Tesso Climate Technologies, 15 years of experience in business development, financial analysis, HPC, data centers
Umesh Upadhyaya
Chief representative in Nepal
Commerce and Business representative in Nepal with Master of Business Administration. Co-Founder of High Performance Computing Nepal. Peak work experiences include working with International Seabed Authority, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, UNDP and Election Commission of Nepal. Recipient of Inaugural Inclusivity Grant for Supercomputing Conference 2017, and an invited speaker for HPC Knowledge Meeting ’19
Mohd Kamalrulzaman
Md Akhir
Chief representative in Malaysia
Numerical Analysis and computational mathematics researchers., Ph.D in Mathematics, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
Timothy Nyakahuma

Chief representative in Uganda
Responsible for development of ANNA Systems project in East Africa. Joined Buloba Vocation, Business and Technical Institute in January 2018 after graduation to work as a lecturer majoring in Engineering mathematics and Computer Aided Design. Graduated from Makerere University, where majored in mechanical engineering. Prior to lecturing, Timothy has done various graduate training in Tibet Hima Mining company and the Ugandan ministry of defence, training in engineering management, design and production engineering. Has been trained in digital marketing

Technical Advisors

Dmitry Fedyanin
Technical Advisor
Senior Research Fellow
Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group)
Editorial Board Member of Journal of Physics Communications (IOP Publishing)
Frank Muldoon
Technical Advisor
Computational fluid dynamics and optimization researcher, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Louisiana State University
Igor Abrikosov
The supervisor of the laboratory at The National University of Science and Technology MISiS, head of the department of the Linkoping University (Sweden)
Amran Ahmed
Technical Advisor
Applied statistics and statistical data management researchers., Ph.D Medical Statistics, Hiroshima University