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Anna Systems is a platform for High Performance Computing and Hypescale engineering projects

Transform your business tech design projects
with better applications, improved services and increased experts community

For the development of the Education System and Great Science

Our platform enables you to train professional engineering and scientific personnel on a wide range of applied scientific disciplines, and to carry out fundamental scientific research in quantum and nuclear physics, astrophysics and geology, the chemistry of new materials and the hydrodynamics of a continuum and many other areas


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Distributed high-performance
                     computing (HPC) platform

for engineering, design, and research projects

Universal hardware and software complex

О›nna systems is a unified platform which combines
high-performance software and hardware solutions
that provide users with a complete set of tools
for conducting successful design, engineering,
and scientific projects

Optimized intuitive interface

The developers of О›nna systems, when creating
and maintaining the platform, are guided primarily
by the users' convenience of using the interfaces
of the services provided. With our interfaces,
you can now successfully solve several tasks at once,
while running as many applications as you need

Remote visualization technologies

An Internet connection is sufficient for users
of our platform to take advantage of high-performance
visualization technologies

Fast and safe transmission, storage and data processing

Integration of the platform with your application software

In addition to the fact that you can download the necessary
applications through the graphical user interface,
you also have the opportunity to use the API function
to transfer your applications to our platform

A global network of experts and colleagues

Becoming a user of the platform, you become a part
of the О›nna systems family. You can find colleagues
with common professional interests around the world
for teamwork, communication, and project activities

A dynamically growing distributed network with the ability
to connect any Internet user to its resources, giving them
the opportunity to use services, and to participate
in the development of the platform through the leasing out
of its hardware resources or providing reimbursable
assistance in developing new services and improving
existing ones. In our ecosystem, the consumer
of our services can freely move into the status
of a project team member to improve the platform

How it works

Our team

Devote your time only to creativity,
as all the work will be done by our services

A platform created by programmers and engineers,
trusted by companies and communities

We help solve the most complex and large-scale engineering, design, development,
and scientific tasks thanks to an expandable and easily integrated platform

Tim Kham


Serge Nesterovich

Executive Director

Ivan Karpenko

R&D Officer

Nikita Tsukanov


Artem Oganov

Technical Adviser

Russian Highly Cited Researcher Award, ETH Latsis Prize, European Mineralogical Union Research Excellence Medal, Member of Academia Europaea

Igor Abrikosov

Technical Adviser

The supervisor of the laboratory at The National University of Science and Technology MISiS, head of the department of the Linköping University (Sweden)

Alexey Ustinov

Technical Adviser

Awards: Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Stefanos Pnevmatikos International Award for Research in Nonlinear Science from FORTH Foundation, Mega-Grant Award of the Russian Government

Dmitry Fedyanin

Technical Adviser

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